Equine Percussion Massage Gun FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about HorseCares® Massage Gun in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe... Please read the FAQ about the horse massager for more info.

Equine Percussion Massage Gun FAQ

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HorseCares® Massage Gun has repurposed proven professional technology that has been used by athletes and massage professionals for many years.

Quality. As with anything, there are cheaper options, but they are not created equal. Depth, durability, decibel, and design are at the heart of HorseCares® values. It has been carefully selected and tested before.

It depends on whether you are treating a known issue or maintaining overall muscle condition.

- Maintenance 1-3 times per week 10-20 minutes all over depending on workload.

- Treatment 4 times per week 10 minutes on in the known problem area.

Yes- you can over-treat areas– which feels like a minor bruise, so we don’t recommend going over the time. Practicing yourself is a good way to get to grips with HorseCares®.

That’s the convenience of our Horse Massage Gun with simple-to-follow instructions and an online video. They are for every horse and every discipline.

We haven’t heard of or met a horse yet that doesn’t like our Equine Percussion Massage Gun! It's normal for them to be apprehensive of anything new but our design is incredibly quiet and by the nature of the treatment horses relax very quickly into it.