Horse Massage Gun

For your horse's well-being!
horse massage gun uk
Equine Percussion Massage Gun
Massage gun for horse UK
Horse Massage Gun Europe
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HorseCares® - Equine Percussion Massager
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Horsecares Massage Gun

Trusted and used by riders, owners, trainers, physiotherapists and chiropractors.

 Horse Massage Gun Canada

Relaxing, relieving & rejuvenating

Why use an Equine Massage Gun on a horse?

Adaptable 6 heads

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 Horse Massage Gun UK

I own 8 horses and board another 30. Every horse loves this, even the most skeptical horses just melted the first time I used this.

EquiRelease massage gun USA
Leigh G.

The massage gun helped us to completely relax our mare before her show. She did brilliantly and did not get spooked!...

EquiRelease massage gun UK
Jeff. W

My horse has suffered with muscle deterioration as a result of being mis-treated in her younger years. She’s much happier now and so are we!

EquiRelease massage gun Australia
Sharona H

Serving the horse & the rider!

How to use the horse massager?

 Horse Massage Gun Europe
 Horse Massage Gun USA

Simple, reliable and practical

Horse Massager Features

Equi Release massage gun USA
Equi Release massage gun UK
Equi Release massage gun USA
Equine Fascia Massage Gun USA