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Equine Percussion Massage Gun
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HorseCares® - Equine Percussion Massager
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Horsecares Massage Gun

Trusted and used by riders, owners, trainers, physiotherapists and chiropractors.

 Horse Massage Gun Canada

Relaxing, relieving & rejuvenating

Why use an Equine Massage Gun on a horse?

Adaptable 6 heads

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 Horse Massage Gun UK

I own 8 horses and board another 30. Every horse loves this, even the most skeptical horses just melted the first time I used this.

EquiRelease massage gun USA
Leigh G.

My horse loves it!!!! I use it on myself as well. I sent one to a friend with lower back issues and it has helped a great deal!!! I also used it on a friends horse and she ordered one immediately! This thing is AWESOME!!!

EquiRelease massage gun Canada
Cathy B.

The massage gun helped us to completely relax our mare before her show. She did brilliantly and did not get spooked!...

EquiRelease massage gun UK
Jeff. W

After spending thousands of pounds on weekly physio for my horse in her senior years, I was recommended by my equine physiotherapist to use this massage gun. After just 2 weeks of daily use I could see an immediate improvement with my old girls temperament! It is extremely powerful with several power settings to suit each horse you may be using it for however it is very lightweight and easy to use! I highly recommend this product for any person who has a love for horses!

Horse massage gun USA
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My horse has suffered with muscle deterioration as a result of being mis-treated in her younger years. She’s much happier now and so are we!

EquiRelease massage gun Canada
Sharona H

Very powerful and still nice & quiet, my horses love it and so do I.

Highly recommend

equine massage gun Canada
Dominique W.

I bought this for a young Clydesdale colt that had slipped on the ice. I could feel the knot in his shoulder and he was refusing to really move other than from the feeder to water. Within just three days the knot in his shoulder was going down and he is now moving more freely. He loves it on his hips as well and will readily stand without a halter while I treat him. This is a great product and it stays charged, which was one of my concerns. I have to confess, I used it on my shoulders as well and love it. I highly recommend this to be a part of any barns first aid kit. Well worth the money

Katty P.

The massage gun helped us to completely relax our mare before her show. She did brilliantly and did not get spooked! We think it was down to her long nap before the show.

Sharona T.

Serving the horse & the rider!

How to use the horse massager?

 Horse Massage Gun Europe
 Horse Massage Gun USA

Simple, reliable and practical

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Equi Release massage gun USA
Equi Release massage gun UK
Equi Release massage gun USA
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